Death On A High Floor: A Legal Thriller

Death On A High Floor: A Legal Thriller

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"Rosenberg spins a great criminal trial narrative that matches any in books by Scott Turow, John Grisham, or Michael Connelly. Readers will find the book hard to put down, but they'll also come away with a strong sense of the Darwinian life of big law firms."
Michael Asimow, Professor of Law Emeritus, UCLA Law School
Visiting Professor, Stanford Law School
Co-author,  Reel Justice: The Courtroom Goes to the Movies
Editor, Lawyers in Your Living Room! Law on Television
"Death on a High Floor is that delicious and rare combination of great, surprising mystery plot twists and engaging, full-color characters. I loved it, and can't wait to read Rosenberg's next book!" 
Anne Kenney,  Executive Producer, Greek
Co-Creator/Co-Executive Producer, Family Law

When the much-despised Marbury Marfan senior partner Simon Rafer turns up dead, with an ornate dagger buried between his shoulder blades, it comes as a surprise to no one. Simon was an abusive boss and had recently been on the warpath, clearing the "dead wood" from the legal firm he treated as his personal fiefdom. Nearly a thousand attorneys and associates, scattered across four continents, had good reason to want Rafer dead, but homicide Detective Spritz has his eye trained on Marbury Marfan partner Robert Tarza, in particular. Tarza and his friend and colleague---and maybe a bit more---Jenna are soon forced to play detective themselves, in a race to find the real killer or killers before Spritz finishes assembling a collection of evidence that will make a very credible case against Tarza.


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