My Brother, MY Judge

My Brother, MY Judge

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Not hesitant to denounce Trevor’s slacker lifestyle, Dustin Davis allots himself as the protagonist of all things wrong with his brother’s existence, and arguments on every topic abound. They discover a kindred interest in the law but that too becomes a conflict as they wager on the outcome of a televised trial, which evolves into a competition, the reaping of which is the ultimate prize—the winner will be adorned with the label of being the smarter brother.

After falling behind, Trevor decides to bring the contest into his forte and designs a computer program that can accurately predict the outcome of any trial. Soon the tides turn and he learns that a market exists for his magnum opus. But when two shady government agents show up to offer Trevor the deal of a lifetime—one he cannot refuse, his life is cast into a world of deception, intrigue, and murder.

Years later, an amendment to the Constitution makes Article III Section 2 null and void. No longer do people have the right to trial by jury as courtrooms are reconfigured with electronic verdict machines. Trevor finally understands their plan for his inception, but a bizarre turn of events soon finds Dustin, the brother who always judged him, facing the Frankenstein Trevor created—the electronic judge, jury, and executioner known as “Judgment.”


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