Courthouse Cowboys – A Modern Tale of Murder in Montana (Legal Thriller)

Courthouse Cowboys - A Modern Tale of Murder in Montana (Legal Thriller)

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Murder dogs Jack and Paige Defalco from their days as California prosecutors to their newfound careers as Montana defense attorneys. Never mind that they’ve uprooted their kids, caravanned 2,000 miles to the hinterlands of Kootenai County, kissed goodbye to their fat salaries, or vowed to avoid homicide.

At Deer Lodge State Prison in 1999, murder sits before them in the guise of a skeletal, bloody-lipped, broken-nosed teenager who grins out one side of his mouth as he stares at them through a swollen eye. Evidently his fellow criminals brook no mercy for a convicted killer, regardless of his age or feeble intelligence.

This kid’s parents have no money and the local legal eagles have warned the Defalcos to let the conviction stand … or else. Yet that threat, a gauntlet thrown down, fuels the couple’s addiction to criminal law. It makes them flip the bird at those in authority and go to trial anyway. So, as they return the kid’s stare, a silent agreement passes between them, a nod that conveys two decades of marriage and as many years in the courtroom. The Defalcos will defend mentally disabled Ben Stagg.

Is it coincidence that soon thereafter anonymous callers threaten them? That the local media excoriates them? That the State Bar investigates them? Are they crazy to rat out the corrupt criminal justice system to the ACLU and the Montana Supreme Court? Are they foolhardy to challenge the powerful judges, lawyers, and cops who comprise the Courthouse Cowboys?

And with the discovery that Ben Stagg suffers from Klinefelter’s syndrome, a common but rarely diagnosed genetic disorder, will a jury acquit him of murder when presented with a never-before-used insanity defense?

This legal thriller rocks the reader with suspense, gallows humor, and a finale filled with redemption.


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