Mercy’s Mansion

Mercy's Mansion

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'Mercy's Mansion' is a tale of a family's plight in finding a new place to live. This thriller begins with Matt and Mercy on what seems to be a wild goose chase in the search of a country home. After several days of the relentless pursuit, Matt spies a chimney stack that shimmers out of sight before Mercy's disbelieving eyes. Mercy was born with the foresight some call ESP. She should have relied on her ‘special gift'. However, in fear of someone scoffing at one of her inklings, Mercy falls back on common sense. This decision entangles her family in an intricate web of secrets that leads them down a dangerous path. What the Moyer family discovers is a dwelling with a dark history that will come to haunt its new tenants. The mystery unravels slowly until, as with all things, the truth comes to light in the end.


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